Scarlet Aura



Scarlet Aura


Genre: Melodic Rock/Metal

Track List

1 The final countdown 5:39
2 Breaking the law 2:46
3 Dont's talk to strangers 5:03
4 My ugly boy 3:35
5 Wasting love 5:33
6 A past and future secret 3:46
7 If I close my eyes forever 4:56
8 Zombie 5:25
9 Eye of the tiger 4:19
10 We're not gonna take it 4:30
11 All we are 3:00

The album contains 11 well-known songs from great artists such as Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, Doro but presented and re-interpreted in the unique style of “Scarlet Aura”. These songs have been part of their live performances throughout the years and naturally the idea of a “Memories” album has been born.

The Band explains: "Along the years as we wrote our own music, we wanted to put into our shows amazing cover songs that we love – like “Zombie” from Cranberries, “If I close my eye forever” by Ozzy and Lita Ford, “Breaking the law” from Judas Priest. We felt we needed to do that, because we realized how  blessed we are taking part of this miracle that is called music. All those great writers and bands brought the sparkle within us and transformed it into fire with their songs that it became an important part of our lives ... Because of that, Mihai had this amazing idea to record “Memories”, but in a “Scarlet Aura”  style – so we can keep this amazing legacy for future generations…”

The cover of “If I Close My Eyes Forever” turns the famous duet into a one-voice hymn: “We are very fond of this song and we really think it fits to our fears and emotions. I end up crying when I sing it, living every word and note, transforming it into a one voice message that somehow became ours.” A live version of the song is included in the single “The Beast Within Me”, released on September 1st 2017.


Releasing an album purely of cover versions is not any easy task and it’s always going to divide listeners. This album has certainly divided mine. There are moments of pure class such as an audacious take on the classic "Don’t Talk To Strangers" (originally by Dio). This version is pretty close to the originaland suits Aura Danciulescu’s voice well. Along with "Zombie" (The Cranberries), Twisted Sisters' " We’re Not Going To Take It" and Warlock's "All We Are".

The band behind her are a good bunch of musicians. The guitar work of Mihai is solid and his lead playing on the covers are pretty faithful to the originals. Not an easy job when you’re playing parts from formidable players such as, Ace from Skunk Anasie, John Norum of Europe and Vivian Campbell of Dio. Catalin (bass) and Sorin (drums) provide a good solid rhythm section. The new members have made Scarlet Aura sound more conducive as a band than they did on previous efforts.

Scarlet Aura released the single "The Beast Within Me" prior to this album and the track itself is immense,also included are the tracks "Don’t Talk To Strangers" and a live version of "Close My Eyes Forever". Both of these tracks show a range of emotion that the original of these tracks emit. The live version of "Close My Eyes Forever" is stunning and sounds just as good on Memories as a studio version." - 09/2017

All about the rock, 6/10

Recording a cover-version of a hit is always either risky or safe. Scarlet Aura’s “Memories” is twice risky because guys chose the classical rock and metal hymns of our time and made a full-length cover-album.

"Symphonic insets in “Zombie” sound really originally and catchy, and the main vocal line has interpreted a bit, so Aura’s voice fits this exact version of the song. “Don’t Talk to Strangers” in Scarlet Aura’s performance turned out to be even more tragic and emotionally heavy." - 10/2017

MetalGossip, 7.5/10

"This is an enjoyable album with some of the greatest rock songs ever, brought by a well attuned band that takes things seriously. " - 10/2017

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